Having just finished another amazing Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) I’m brimming with new ideas and have a phone full of new contacts! I’ve lost my voice but that’s par for the course after the amount of people I’ve spoken to.

My business partner and I work with the UK hosts Youth Business International to manage and run GEW each year and this is our 4th year. All in all I’ve been involved in some capacity for the last 10 years (if you include Enterprise Week, the UK’s very own predecessor to GEW).

I’ve seen lots of changes over the years, heard from hundreds of entrepreneurs; from startups to the famous and seen three Prime Ministers and a whole host of Ministers of State come and go. I’ve watched in interest as social media has developed to become a central part of the week and I’ve celebrated the fact that over 330,000 people get involved in the UK alone.

A GEW handshake selfie with Jacqueline Gold, CEO Ann Summers

A few years ago Women’s Enterprise Day in the UK disappeared along with the other themed days, but then much to my excitement Women’s Entrepreneurship Day was launched globally this year, whoop, whoop!

In my opinion this year has been one of the best and I can see a real excitement in people I meet who are making the decision to go down the entrepreneurship or self-employment route for the very first time.

GEW highlights lots of great activities and events but we all know that entrepreneurship is a full-time job, if not a lifestyle for most, so I for one will be doing something positive to get turn my new ideas into something more tangible and contacting those new names in my phone. Here’s to an even more amazing GEW 2015!

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