During September we hosted a cross-sector networking event for our clients and contacts, courtesy of Metro bank who provided the venue and refreshments. Whilst ARC is known for running and managing client events, up to now we haven’t hosted our own.

Given that we are always at, or running events, why did we want to run another you may ask? Well we realised that our contacts come from a really diverse range of industries and sectors and we love to connect people so that they can create valuable cnnections. And it worked! We had over 30 delegates from a range of businesses, charities, government organisations and professional membership bodies, networking and developing relationships.

Our speakers included our founder Alex Ritchie, who spoke about the power of campaigns and Liese Lord,  Senior HR leader & Founder of The Lightbulb Tree, who shared with us the benefits and positive cultural shifts that organisations can create when they enable more flexible ways of working.

What are the business benefits of running events?

The benefits will depend on the type of event you are running and who your audience is, but a few obvious ones are:

  • Increase brand awareness and PR
  • Generate leads
  • Educate & Inform your client base
  • Retain loyal customers, staff or suppliers
  • Launch a product or service

That said, pulling off a high-quality, well-executed event can be a big and time-consuming job, so always develop a business case first especially if it’s not part of your core business offering. You will need a budget, even if, like us, you source a venue and catering partner. There is still the time to market, sell and the cost of dressing your event. This doesn’t have to be huge though and their are always options out there to fit most budgets.

Remember, if you’d like help putting together an event, however big or small, we’re here to help!

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