86% of companies say they made their investment back from executive coaching! International Coaching Federation – Global Coaching Client Study, conducted by PWC, 2016

The ARC Agency coaching service has been designed for senior leaders and professionals to help them develop a positive impact within their organisations. Providing tailored coaching for talented individuals at crucial transition stages in their lives and careers, helping them to go further faster by developing a can-do, positive, go-getting mindset. We work with emerging and established leaders, helping individuals, teams and organisations to get the best from each other and ultimately to soar!

Why use the ARC Agency?

ARC’s head coach, Alex Ritchie, has trained in Corporate and Executive coaching, Personal Performance coaching and Transformation coaching. She also worked as a SFEDI accredited business adviser for Business Link and has mentored professionals and start-up businesses. She has worked across a multitude of industry sectors and organisations of differing sizes and cultures. Alex and her team have the skills and experience to really help you to make a positive and measurable impact.

How coaching can help?

Coaching is a powerful and effective development tool, which can be used to focus upon specific challenges and goals. It can help in many different ways, including:

  • Provide professional and personal development that is specifically appropriate for senior leaders, including those who have little time and who may be finding it ‘lonely at the top’
  • Support individuals to succeed in a new role, with a challenge or project
  • Drive culture change in an organisation
  • Play a vital role in achieving measurable outcomes
  • Help individuals to achieve a specific career goal
  • Enable teams to come together to succeed
  • Assist those going through a time of transition

Through targeted and bespoke conversations that challenge and support individuals to help themselves, and their organisation, the ARC agency coaching service is designed to support individuals and teams to succeed in their ambitions.

The process for individuals

Whilst our coaching is tailored to each individual, the process we use is tried and tested:

  1. Assessment– A 30-minute complimentary session to identify your specific coaching needs and number of sessions required.
  2. Using the GROW Model
  3. Goal setting- You will set SMART objectives with your coach.
  4. Examine the current Reality – where are you now, what are the issues and the challenges?
  5. Explore the Options – The creative bit! Generate ideas and solutions.
  6. Establish the Will – Develop and agreed action plan.
  7. We will use diagnostic tools and action plans to support your coaching experience.
  8. There will be an element of reflection and evaluation at the end of each session and milestone to determine success and next steps.
  9. Learn, Change, Grow, Perform– Take your career or business to the next level!


Team and peer coaching

Team and/or peer coaching is an ongoing process to sustain change over time as opposed to a one-off team building event. It helps people to understand how to work better with others. It’s an effective method for showing teams how to reduce conflict and improve their working relationships.

With team coaching we will establish strategic objectives, carry out discovery interviews, agree measures of success, use coaching tools and action learning, reflect and evaluate.

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Our office is virtual, although we are based primarily in London.